The Couch Sessions new branded DJ Mix series, simply titled, The Monthly Mix is back, featuring some of the best DJs and tastemakers from around the world. You’ve already had mixes from DC’s DJ Dredd, New York’s Cosmo Baker, and Hollywood’s newest resident DJ D. Painter.

DOWNLOAD: Couch Sessions Monthly Mix – Mar (right click, save as)

This month’s mix comes to us by none other than Amsterdam-based soul crooner Mar. Remembered for his collaborations with beatmaker Full Crate and his variations–soulful takes on Louis Bordeaux to Lil Wayne. There is no doubt that Mar represent the future direction of male soul music and thankfully America will get a taste of it as he plays Freshly Squeezed in DC at the Gibson Guitar Lounge in addition to two gigs in New York City.

Tracklisting and Inspirations

Bjork – Cocoon (live at royal opera house)

Bjork has always inspired me, I remember watching a dvd of her performing live at the royal opera house. For this song, one dude of her band touched another dude of her band to create a crispy sound that u hear in the recording. Minimal sounds created by touch. Love it.

Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor

Again in love with minimalism. I love soul and deep sounds like these. This dude combines them perfect. Been trippin alooong time on this song. Suites with every mood..just like St Germain’s ‘Sure Thing’

Limp Bizkit – The One

My father has always been a great inspiration to me in life and in music. He plays several instruments but is most fond of the bass (He also plays the bass in ‘I Said’ btw). So I grew up listenin to Jaco Pastorius and groovy bass riffs in blues, rock, motown etc..Limp Bizkit has a certain way they use their bass. They act like it’s a guitar sometimes. I love that. Also a fan when the bass plays high tones. Is a bit contradictional.

Tyler, the creator ft Frank Ocean – She

I think Tyler is a smart, mad talented, outspoken, young rebellion that brings some freshness into this world. I respect that. His Goblin album has got some awesome production and original lyrics. Plus the way Frank Ocean flips his lyric and melodies in the chorus to the ‘She’ joint is crazily dope. “ain’t no man allowed in ur bedroom” #smooth..

Eugene McDaniels – Freedom Death Dance

Eugene showed me the power of simplicity in this song. The blue note sliding a half chords down on the keys, is just pure sexyness to me. Also think the progression of the drums and the way it wants to move faster all thru the song, but doesnt allow himself to go all out, is def a win.

Stevie Wonder – Creepin’

I grew up in the 90’s listenin to alot of hiphop and neosoul of that time. My dad always showed me originals of the song being covered or sampled in the 90’s, but last year was def the year of digging deeper into the roots of soul. Listenin to allota blues, motown, rnb etc. Like for straight hours day after day. I think it’s a bit crazy, but just since last year I’ve been analyzing allot of Stevie Wonder. I always knew he was a ‘genius’ cause everybody called him that. But never really into him. Now I come to find myself understandin music more and appreciating the old stuff more. Also found a tv serie by the name of “Soul!” in the 70’s, that ensured my nights without sleep. A must see for the souldiggers.

Moka OnlyNektar

A friend of mine put me on this dope joint by a dude called Moka Only..had a convo with him on twitter about this joint. Love this joint that he produced himself. Sound a bit dilla/madlib ish. It’s funny cause he pretty much worked with all the cats I listen to and still he remained somewhere hidden in a corner. Glad I know of him now.
Talented guy from Canada that Im defenitely gonna bother for a collab.

D’Angelo – Africa

The Neo Soul King. No doubt about it. Also the only artist who I believe released more than 90% great songs. His most inspiring song to me is “Africa.” Love the snare drum without the snares, funny enough u dont hear that often in a song. It feels like lots of people dont know this song, like its a bonus track or sumn. Not as near famous as songs like ‘brown sugar’ or ‘untitled’. Kinda makes it a bit more special. Like a precious gift u save under the wooden floor.

Chris Brown – No Bullshit (Clean)

I remember seeing the video of this song and being touched by the production and songwriting. I became more and more aware of rnb songwriting last couple years. Even dared myself to write the ‘Single’ + ‘Inglewood’ Mar Variation, that have an rnb flavour to it. Im a huge fan of beautiful harmonies, also to make em close and sometimes even jazzy. The songwriter really did a great job in this chorus. The vocal harmony is just magical. You don’t often hear a 6 chord in R&B choruses.