IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Sleepy Brown – You’re My Lady

by Yvette Travillian

“You’re My Lady” has only been circulating online for a little under a month, but it may quietly be one of the top R&B songs of 2011. Sleep’s forthcoming album, Sex, Drugs and Soul is ‘scheduled’ to drop this Fall… I’m really hoping that it does, but nonetheless, it’s good to see a talented music vet giving these nu-school youngstas some competition. Peep the song, in case you missed it.

Sleepy Brown – “You’re My Lady”

  • Stone

    WOW. Blown away.

    I’m mad Sleepy Brown hasn’t gotten any shine in the industry. Sleepy’s Theme is hands down one best R&B albums this decade and his follow up wasn’t bad either.

    I’m glad the dude is still out there making music, especially cause that track is something that D’Angelo SHOULD be making right now.

    • YuYme

      Dude, great call; this is TOTALLY something D’Angelo should be making.

      Even though I have no beef with this whole nu-style R&B that’s taking over, I miss the classic-style tunes that we use to have back in the day. Sucks that most people still don’t prop Sleepy…


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