Florrie – “Experimenting with Rugs”, Music & Fashion

by Yvette Travillian

The buzz this week has been on the UK’s darling singer/drummer/musician, Florrie and her newest EP, Experiments (which was released on Tuesday). Florrie is known and adored on music’s pop underground due to her constant refusal of signing to a major or indie label, and her commitment to just make fun pop music that her growing fan base can dig and have for free.

The EP’s first single was the pop friendly “Begging Me” – a song that doesn’t necessarily fall flat, but considering that the UK’s female-pop playing field is filled with competition right now, I just don’t think the song was hot enough to spark up immense amounts of online heat.

However, the second single, “Experimenting with Rugs” and its accompanying video, suddenly showed me (and I’m guessing a shit-load of others) another side of Florrie. A side that shows that she is progressing as an artist and perhaps is ready to dive more into the edgy and mature side of pop music. It was also because of this song and video that I really begin to wonder who else Florrie may be and what else does she likes to experiment with:

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Meet Florrie the model and muse.

I had suspected that all those amazing pics on her website and Facebook page had a back story to them, so after digging around a bit, I was surprised to learn that Florrie is not only a singer, but  also an on-the-rise fashion model who has already secured a handful of top-notch gigs from some of fashions most elite designers and photographers.

Last summer she became the face and voice for the Nina Ricci fragrance, Nina L’Elixir, and was given the exclusive honor to use her song and video “, Sunday Girl” as the ad’s televised soundtrack. Very impressive, to say the least. But wait, it gets better.

Back in December, Florrie was tapped for an interview for Dolce&Gabbana’s online luxury magazine, Swide and will now be starring in D&G’s upcoming short film, I Took A Little Something, which was filmed in Paris by the dope photographer/director, Justin Wu (out June 22). This Dolce&Gabbana plug and collaboration also explains why Florrie is fully draped in the label in her “Experimenting with Rugs” video.

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Although she appears to have a strong chance at success in the world of fashion and modeling, Florrie still remains tightly focused on continuing to evolve her career in music. Another one of Experiments’ pièce de résistance is the R&B influenced track, “What You Doing This For?” – a song that surprisingly strays into a completely direction from the rest of the EP. Florrie is undeniably a talented a singer, musician, and model – which makes her an easily identifiable triple threat , and some serious competition for her competition. I’m hoping the sounds we get from this point on will continue to showcase her range and highlight her explorations into realms other than ‘catchy-pop’.

Experiments is now available on iTunes, support her!

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Florrie – “What You Doing This For”

*Florrie for Flavor Magazine

*Florrie for Kitsuné

*Florrie’s for Nina Ricci’s Nina L’Elixir fragrance

  • Stone

    Wow, Florrie has been on my radar for a minute but only known am I checking for her (late pass!). Amazing music and like you said, “mature pop.” The fact that she’s a model and drummer puts her over the top. Hope she’s able to cross the pond.

    • YuYme

      I know right! I even blogged about her here a year ago but for some reason I never really bothered to keep an updated tab on her. I think I felt her music was a little too ‘cutesy-pop’ for my liking. But that “Experimenting with Rugs” definitely shows a edgier side of her. With Ellie Goulding and Adele doing so well over here, I think Florrie’s really gonna have to push extra hard to ‘cross-over’… She def has the potential do so.

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