Album Review: Random Axe – Random Axe


Why is it when you say someone is “aiight” people instantly jump to, “why you don’t like them?” I never said I didn’t like them, I just said they’re “aiight.” I didn’t call them wack, (cause if I felt they were wack, THAT’S what I would have said) But nowadays, if you don’t jump out a window for somebody it’ s like you ain’t feeling them. All of this hoopla is coming from a convo I had with my man about Black Milk. I think Black Milk is cool. I can’t say I’m a fan of his music but from what I’ve heard, dude got beats. Now I’m not down at 14th and U with a sign saying “Black Milk for President” but dude is aiight. But my man couldn’t get past that I wasn’t a fan. I explained to him that I’m more into the soulful side of sampling and to me that’s not Milk’s style. Does he have some sick drums? No doubt. But that’s not enough o make me a fan. So my man went on to tell me that him and Guilty Simpson (another dude I’ve never checked for) were on their Slaughterhouse jawn and forming a group called Random Axe with another MC. He knew I wasn’t impressed by the two names I heard, which is why he saved the 3rd member’s name for last. I was expecting another Detroit dude but when he said Sean Price, I was like Duck Down Sean Price?!?!? And I instantly went from not being interested at all to him having my full attention! Sean Price to me is one of the sickest cats in the game and ANYTHING dude touches gets my ear. So with the Sean P cosign officially in place, the same cats I wasn’t checking for before, were now officially on my radar.

[youtube G-xUs4rHLro nolink]

“Random Call” sets off the album and is my favorite cut and has Sean Price spitting “you can call me one dimensional/but ain’t too much talking when the slug get into you.” With “Black Ops” Guilty checks in with one of his many quotables with “I turn your favorite artist to a mural/put papes on it/with his birthday a dash and today’s date on it.” “Chewbaca” featuring the underground kingpin Roc Marciano and “The Hex” are both flat out sick.

“Jahphy Joe” featuring Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown has the classic 90’s Dr. Dre feel with the eerie synth feel to it and “Karate Kid” gives Sean Price 64 seconds to go for his on the dolo tip, “my right hook will give you a large dent/on the side of your face for f-cking with Clark Kent/ill sh-t, son what the shotty did/ leg broke, Will Smith son the Karate Kid.” “Another One” featuring Trick ‘n’ Treat and the Rockness Monster will have you pulling out your “Nocturnal” CD (you do own Nocturnal right?) for more classic Ruck and Rock moments and “In the Box” gives Guilty his 15 minutes of fame on the dolo tip and clears the block with lines like “the next hot crew, is here to drop new/like paroles when P.O.’s tell ‘em to stop through.” No real need to break down the beats cause ya’ll know Black Milk’s sound. And if you mess with his sound, than you’ll mess with this album.

I can’t front. I really thought I’d be fast forwarding past Guilty and Milk’s parts on every song just to get to Sean Price’s verse but I wasn’t. Everybody came correct on this album. And even though I wasn’t a huge fan of Black Milk’s beats in the past, these beats ain’t bad. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m still not down on 14th and U campaigning for dude but I can say I wasn’t disappointed beat wise. And even though I had never really rocked with Guilty like that, money didn’t disappoint me either. But at the end of the day, Sean Price is by far the all star go to player on this team (in my opinion) but it’s not like Guilty and Milk are Mike Miller and Eddie House. They’re more like Jason Kidd and Jason Terry and remember, without those two playing alongside Dirk, Dallas doesn’t win the chip.

3.5 outta 5