ALBUM PREVIEW: Cecilia Stalin – Step Like A Giant

Cecilia Stalin – Step Like a Giant Snippets
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You may recognize Cecilia Stalin’s voice from Koop’s 2001 single “Waltz for Koop“.  Her vocals, although rooted in jazz, display an amazing versatility that makes her a force to be reckoned with.  Her newest project, Step Like A Giant, is her attempt at bringing more awareness to jazz, and in particular, John Coltrane  (the album’s title is play on Coltrane’s seminal Giant Steps album.  According to Cecilia, “Step Like A Giant is my way of reaching out to people today that haven’t been introduced to the music of John Coltrane, who haven’t been introduced to jazz in a way that appeals to them, to people who don’t know jazz at all and to everyone to understand what John did for the musical plattform we all use today! (hiphop/grime/soul/neo-soul/nu-jazz/broken beat/house/ dub step/garage/blues/pop/rock…and all the ones in between).