WEB: Sneakerpedia

Website: Sneakerpedia.com

Remember when sneakers were the big thing? I know many of us have moved on to boat shoes (thanks to Jay-Z), but in the earlier part of the 2000s, the sneaker culture was at it’s peak. Kids would line up for hours for the latest kicks, and I knew several people who were making thousands of dollars on eBay fulling people’s need for rare shoes.

On Tuesday I attended the launch party of Sneakerpedia here in NYC. It’s an interesting concept. Billed as a “Wiki for Sneakerheads,” the webstie strives to arcive and catalog some of the rarest of the rare sneakers in the world. Just like Wikipedia, the site is community based, and all of the information is user generated. On top of that, there is a social aspect–allowing people who own the same shoe to come together in a targeted social network. On top of that, Foot Locker is backing the London-based team and providing marketing support but it’s presence is not overwhelming. I forsee the sneaker retailer offering deals and offers to this die-hard clientele in the near future.

To the average consumer, this site has very little appeal. But for the sneakerheads whom I saw at the Bun B-laced event, it’s a huge step for this hip-hop subculture.

Oh, and for the record, I own these sneakers.