VIDEO: Lia Ices – Grown Unknown

When I first heard the song “Grown Unknown” from NYC’s Lia Ices, I was almost startled at how beautiful her voice was. Just as I was startled, I was also equally impressed at her ability to arrange her vocals in such a breathtaking way. Her thought provoking lyrics were just the ‘ices’ on the cake.

Now after months of loving this song , some visuals were finally released to accompany it – starring a ‘magic’ dancer by the name of Ruby MacDougall. This video is odd yet oddly calming at the same time. Check it out below. (via Pitchfork)

“Grown Unknown” is about resisting the tendency to control and confine our desires. I’m playing around with the juxtaposition between what our minds have constructed about how to love someone, and all that remains beyond those concepts, unexplored. “Grown Unknown” is about letting ourselves, with the one we love, evolve with a spirit of abandon and to celebrate this move toward growing wildly together. And by “wildly” I mean, naturally, untamed, free. – Lia Ices