TysonLove Is On The Line

I’ve been hearing grumblings on the web about this dude Tyson for a while now, and I’m only now checking him out. The UK has always been rather progressive on the music side, and Tyson is no different. Truth be told, the music isn’t all that new. It’s soulful 80s dance pop. It’s Billy Ocean with a little more electro. However, what really catches my eye is this dude’s acetic. The skull that has become his trademark has most certainly set him apart from any other brother doing soulful anything right now. Honestly, it makes him look more like Tyler, The Creator than an R&B star. In a world of Gaga it might be a plus. Let’s see if his accessible, dancable music will cross the pond.

[youtube NkYMl2GtxXY nolink]