Single Review: The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

We wrote about the track yesterday. Our NYC-based contributor Christopher Minaya decided to share his thoughts.

In a response to a leak, The Weeknd released his new track, Rolling Stone, through both You Tube and Twitter. The song is a small dosage to hold his addicted fan base, whom do not want another artist’s track aka detoxification, over while he completes his new mixtape.

Rolling Stone is not an extension of House of Balloons. Though not less passionate, it appears to be a bit more geared towards love as opposed to lust, which is revealed with the dominance of the guitar throughout most of the song. He also articulates its romantic undertone by voicing lyrics like “I got you” and “I’ll be different” many times. To boot, he says “love” on it more than any other record by him, to date.

Per contra, the record that The Weeknd is sure to perform at Drake’s October’s Very Own Fest is still capable of seducing listener’s ears, and it is sure to broaden his audience that has grown larger and larger. In fact, it might be his best song as far as marketability goes, and the fact that he complimented the record with a clearer picture of him, rather than his foggy black and white photos, only affirms that he is ready to remove his mystifying persona. And, for those who have been anxiously waiting for him to do so, he got you.