SINGLE REVIEW: Lil Wayne – How To Love

by cminaya

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Tha Carter IV is coming. Lil Wayne was in jail. He is not joking. Its third single, “How to Love,” which was released four days ago, gives an assurance that the album will not be restricted to nothing but “John” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” records.

That is not an attack on either of the two preceding singles. Both are, in actuality, better than “How to Love.” Over and above that, the newest single reminded Stone (aka the Barack Obama of The Couch Sessions) of a Maroon 5 record, whereas I was reminded of couple of different artists.

At first, in some measure, it echoed James Taylor and Randy Newman, dreary, repetitive and slow. Still, after being more attentive to giving it an appropriate appraisal, the proper records it resembles became evident.

Rebirth, Lil Tunechi’s self-proclaimed alternative rock album, had a deluxe version that included the track “I’ll Die for You.” How to Love seems to be a remix of that record, as Wayne mixed in a bit of the “Love Like This” remix he recorded back in 2008 for Natasha Bedingfield. Mix both records along with the goal of mirroring B.o.B’s “Lovelier Than You” that is also dominated by guitar and what one will get is “How to Love.”

Attempting to diversify the album is not surprising. What is surprising is the fact that the artwork for 6 Foot 7 Foot is black and white and consists of Wayne leaning against a wall while looking at the camera with the song title highlighted in hot pink, on the side, in large font. Yet, the artwork to How to Love is also black and white but illustrates Tunechi about-faced with his armed stretched out, showing off his UNIF spike jacket, and his alias, Lil Wayne, taking up a third of the cover in red while the song title is undermined in white and a smaller font on the bottom of the cover. Maybe he just wanted to produce a record to flaunt his jacket in the artwork.  Maybe the girl he has been spotted with at Miami Heat games and the beach inspired him. Who knows? He says he is “not a human being.” Whatever that means. I just do not know how to love “How to Love.”


  • Jahah

    No disrespect to Wayne but this joint here is not a go! If someone with less fame were to drop this it wouldn’t get a look at all. I won’t settle. Respect…

    • cminaya

      I concur with both your points. Why he chose to include this track in Tha Carter IV is perplexing. Much respect to you for openly sharing your thoughts.

  • Some guy

    Yea, it’s different from what I expected but it’s a really nice song

    • cminaya

      I respect your opinion. I just feel that if he was to do such a record, he should have gave it more, so to speak. A testament is that this is the second single off of Tha Carter IV and the buzz for the album is not even close to the buzz there was for Tha Carter III.

  • zeke braxton

    im jst gonna say the song is awesome not kill myself looking for the song awesome but wanna listen to it awesome

    • cminaya

      Thank you for lending me/CS your eyes/attention and sharing your thoughts. I respect your opinion.

  • tauriq

    b4 startin.. I wud like 2 admit tht i am a wayne fanatic..

    i’m just goin to comment on all of your thoughts…

    Jahah- i totali agree with u tht if it waz sum1 wudnt hav been a hit.. Thtz y lil wayne iz the best.. Becoz evry1 iz lil wayne fanaticz..thtz y he cn do any track n most ov hiz fanz wil like the song..thre iz sum songz tht soundz like shit.. Bt it dnt discredit him..

    Cminaya- i cn hear tht u love lil wayne.. i know u must have heared the song prostitue by lil wayne… Not much is said in the song but u love the jam right? the giving more in2 the song is not given either but it’s awesome..Exactli my point..

    The answer to cminaya is addition to what ” some guy ” and ” Zeke braxton ” said. i understand all your opinions.. But even though it might not be liked by has been a hit..

    Another review i checked out said ” he pinpoints that this broken girl’s insecurities stem from bad bruises in the past, but stresses that he finds her beautiful because she’s one of a kind in his eyes.

    We haven’t heard Young Weezy like this before, but if this new side of him is a result of his new lady friend, we welcome it with open arms. Not that we want the rap master to go all singer-songwriter on us, but this gem shows that even the hardest of exteriors can have a gooey center. ”
    I think it’s great to know that wayne really wants love or whatever the purpose of the song might be.. because it touched me..

    No disrespect meant to anyone

    • cminaya

      First, I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is the most in-depth comment I’ve ever read. Further, you were partially correct about my stance towards Wayne. I have been a fan of his music since 1998 (no exaggeration). As far as “Prostitute Flange,” I am not a fan of that record for the same reason “How to Love” is not high on my list. Still, I commend Wayne’s repeated attempts of being a diverse rapper, regardless of his intent.

  • tauriq

    oh my bad.. I’m such a idiot.. I read the review on your Anyway.. I just think that this is the more easy going side of lil wayne..the side that attracts more of the r&b type of listeners..It’s used to attract more fans..i hope you don’t mind me doing this by turning this into a chat room.. Because i live in South Africa.. I would like to know if there is anyway i could get closer to lil wayne other than buyin albums?

    • cminaya

      This not my site, and your three points about the record are valid. Further, I do not mind your commentary. Feel free to comment, throughout the site. As far as getting closer to Lil Wayne, attend one of his concerts, I suppose.

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