SINGLE REVIEW: Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy


DrakeDreams Money Can Buy
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Back before rappers rapping over hipster beats were popular, Drake was doing it better than anyone else. The Canadian MC always feels like he’s in his lame when he spits, where as other rappers just look corny and trying to hard to be cool. His execution with Lykke Li on his flip of “Little Bit,” is almost considered a gold standard. So it’s no surprised Drizzy is jumping back on the indie train for his latest track, “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

Lyrically, Drake is a beast. Forget what you heard, Drizzy’s rhyme style and cadence are still tops in the game, and pretty much has been copied by every new rapper since. I look at you Childish Gambino. But with this track we realize that a year or so away from the mic (in the studio) has not made the MC rusty. In fact, Drake’s lyrics have gotten more agressive and potent. Yes, he rhymes about the same old things (dosen’t every rapper?), but at least he keeps his lyrics fresh, and with his beat choices, always throws the crowd a curveball.

Having that said, Noah “40” Shebib (apart of Drake’s go-to production crew) tries to mix in UK blog sensation Jai Pauls’s BTSTU, but it sounds slightly disjointed. I love the juxtaposition of Jai’s emo low murky vocals, the less swagged “Don’t Fuck With Me” chorus versus the swagged out vocals, but the pairing seems a bit forced. It’s not 40s best work, and Drake admits it’s a throwaway track (and nowhere as strong as his previous effots), but it gives us a peak in the general direction of his next project Take Care, which is slated to drop this year.

4 out of 5