NEW MUSIC: The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

by Winston "Stone" Ford

The debate rages on whether Frank Ocean or Canada’s The Weeknd will take the neo-R&B throne. Def Jam fired shots when they announced that they were going to release Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra the old fashioned way, complete with new tracks. But will Drake’s constant cosign propel The Weeknd to the top? All I know is the dude’s latest leak, titled Rolling Stone is better than Franks Acura Integurl. The simple soulful guitar track is a tad more accessible than the production on Hosue of Balloons and reminds me of Craig David’s acoustic R&B back in the day. Check it.

YouTube Preview Image
  • YuYme

    Sigh… This is okaaaay. Glad he went acoustic to ‘flip’ it up a bit. But I kind of feel like he’s just an updated version of Ginuwine.

  • Tony Blount

    Who cares who “holds the crown”. Why does it have to be a competition? They are making music, both of them are making really good music that is a refreshing change to whats out now. And honestly if it comes down to who is gonna have more of a significant impact on music in the long run, it will probably be Frank Ocean, not because he’s better, but he is more versatile, and it looks like he’s going to be writing for a lot of people.