NEW MUSIC: The Bullitts – Landspeeder

by Yvette Travillian

The Bullitts – Landspeeder

The Bullits are an ‘audio action adventure’ outfit out of the UKĀ  who have been making quite a bit of noise lately. They just released a new single called “Landspeeder” – and it was premiered a couple of days ago on Zane Lowe’s popular BBC Radio segment, The Hottest Record In The World. Is it actually the hottest song on earth right now? No. But it is however, instantly ear catching and you”ll probably want to listen to this joint more than once.

So the actual deal with The Bullits is that they are somewhat of a mystery (a growing trend these days for new artists perhaps?) – but what I’ve gathered is that it’s being led by a singer/songwriter named Jeymes Samuel. Some months ago he and his crew dropped an intro single/audio-movie called “Close Your Eyes” which caught some serious buzz as it featured Jay Electronica and actress Lucy Liu.

Their forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories is set to drop ‘soon’ and will feature guest appearances from Mos Def, Jay Electronica and Tori Amos. Peep sounds and visuals for “Landspeeder” below. ”

  • Stone

    Man, I’ve been meaning to post this for a minute! Yeah, this album is hotly anticipated. I wonder who these dudes are? They can’t have this much talent on the album for a bunch of “no-names.”

    • Sangster

      They’re an interesting band, they’ve had a few good articles out in the UK press that explain more about them, they have them posted on their FB page – – I’m looking forward to their album.

      • Stone

        Did some more research. Turns out the dude behind the project is Jeymes Samuel who worked on several of the Gorillaz albums and is actually Seal’s brother. It all makes sense now.

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