NEW MUSIC: Peter Hadar – Your Body

Remember UK Funky?

The style originated in the inner-city dance clubs of Briitian, mixing garage, two step, and traditional Caribbean soca sounds. Truth be told, I thought the sound (develeoped by club DJs specifically to bring in more women to male-oriented grime nights) would take off on both sides of the pond. But after several commercial hits, and the rise of cheesey dances called skanks, most DJs left the fold, and UK Funky devolved as a genre.

Thanks goodness New York’s Peter Hadar is bringing the dance music to our shores. Produced by Chicago’s THE GTW, the track’s infectious soca-like beats permeate through the whole song. You can’t help but dance to this, and truth be told, I’m sitting in a train station writing this and resisting breaking out in dance right now.

Let’s hope DJs in New York and beyond integrate this into their sets. This has the potential of being a breakout summer tune.