New Music: Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale

Tell Me A Tale by MichaelKiwanuka

We all know that the UK kills the game music wise, but what strikes me is that these classically trained musicians that permeate through the country are so young. Take Adele, only 22, and now, 23 year old Michael Kiwanuka. Coincidentally, the two are on tour together in the UK right now and I see why. Michel’s vintage sound and lush orchestration reminds me of the late 60s/early 70s period of music, where a label was shy to spring for a string section.

What strikes me the most about this track is Kiwanuka’s warm voice. It’s just enough smokiness to match the sound, yet he’s not trying too hard. And honestly, it sounds like it’s twice his age. Kiwanuka’s Tell Me a Tale (The Isle of Wight Sessions) is available on iTunes in the UK Only but here is hoping that just like Adele, he can cross the pond soon. Check out other amazing music via his MySpace page.