New Music: Dinner at the Thompson’s – Running

This French-American duo offers something jazzy, something symphonic, something electronic in their latest song “Running,” fresh off their new album “Off the Grid.” Made up of the soulful voice of Lucille Tee and the production repertoire of Fablive,  Dinner at the Thompson’s provides an impeccable sampling into the electro, jazzy, trip hop, nu-soul scene, though its composition is not exactly new.

The hook-laden rhythms and repetitive  loops leave something to be desired. After a couple of listens, I half expect a bridge into some kind of deviation, like rap lyrics or a downtempo riff. In fact, some of the album’s other tracks feature artist that help fill that void.

[youtube BaeNGAq6EEI nolink]

While there is no doubt a great deal of talent in Dinner at the Thompson’s, there is a lingering sense of adventurous pursuit mixed with some laziness. While I can identify a niche in their music, I think it is a rather narrow one. Still, there is a lot to love in Tee’s sultry voice and Fablive’s beats.