NEW MUSIC – “Big Band Theory” by Ihsan Bilal

Ihsan Bilal’s new iTunes single, “Big Band Theory,”  has that old-school Kelis spirit that I love so much:  full of sass, a Neptunes-esque beat, and her shouting the line “I keep it movin’ like a marching band”.  From what I’ve seen of  her videos on YouTube, I think she’s an odd bird; pretty, talented, confident, and yet…odd.  This could help her, or hurt her (also like Kelis).  She is treading a very fine line between avant garde and ghetto theatrics, but you know what?  Kudos to her for having some balls!    She lives on her own planet, while still reppin’ her hometown of DC, and I can dig it.

[youtube NqZyWP1vl4I]

[youtube ipQ3ZBC20sA]



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