NEW MUSIC: AppleJac – “Brewin'”

Applejac -Brewin’ by Applejac

Do y’all remember “Mystic Brew” by Ronnie Foster?  Lemme refresh your memory:  it’s the joint that A Tribe Called Quest sampled on “Electric Relaxation.”  So you already know that the original was filled with righteous organ synths as well as soothing vibraphones and, well…mysticism.  The original has been tinkered with and re-imagined quite a few times, but you haven’t heard it done quite the way Atlanta-based DJ AppleJac has done it.  He’s tweeked it just enough so that the original essesence of the song remains, but it’s completely original in approach:  trippy atmospheric synths that seem to float on top of the song, a hypnotic bassline, and mysticism that is contained and maintained in tambourine claps.  Relaxing indeed…this one’s a winner y’all!!!  Check it out.