MIXTAPE: David Dallas – The Rose Tint

Download: David Dallas – The Rose Tint

It’s been a crazy few years for New Zealand rapper David Dallas. Since releasing a rather amazing and critically acclaimed album in his home country, Dallas has since moved to Harlem NY, and signed by the venerable Duck Down records. This was no vanity deal, as I recently attended a listening party for his newest project, The Rose Tint, at The FADER offices and all the Duck Down seniorati were in attendance.

[youtube a0NdvQIeKFU nolink]

And it’s a good thing. I get emails from hundreds of rappers every day, but something about Dallas stands out. From the jump, the production is top notch, and Dallas’ rhyming style sets him apart from the rest.

Let’s not front tho. It’s still a long road for hip-hoppers from outside of the United States to make inroads here. But with artists like Tinie Tempah making moves in The States, that road gets shorter every day. Check it.