MARKETING 101: Fresh Daily

Look, technology has changed the game, but most rappers are doing it wrong. Hitting us website owners and bloggers with your song 3 times a day with everyone in the CC field will get you ignored. With the quickness. And honestly, it’s made me dislike hip-hop more than ever. If you want to really reach out to bloggers and break through the mold, a more personal touch is required. Bloggers like myself receive hundreds of emails a day from rappers thinking they are gonna be the next big thing, so these days an aspiring MC needs to drastically change his marketing strategy to get our attention.

Brooklyn MC and his manager, Craig of Apartment Number 7 understand this. Yesterday, during the drop his mixtape The Quiet Life, Fresh and his team descended on New York, physically dropping by personalized packages of branded material.

First off, the package. The quiet life logo is used extensively here and the non-descript package is a classy touch. (above)

Apt No 7 branded moleskin and jewelry boxes

Fresh Daily mixtape on USB card drive.

Fresh daily branded T-shirt with logo

And finally, the kicker…..Personalized Twitter in a frame for all the bloggers involved in the drop.

Honestly, I’ve seen nothing like this on an indie or mainstream level. Props to the team at Apt No 7. You’ve changed the game.