IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Chill & Mellow Edition

So yeah, lately I’ve really been in this total disco-synth/dance-your-ass-off music kind of vibe. Which at times can be quite draining, but I really don’t see this phase going away anytime soon. However, with the weather finally warming the eff up here in DC, my ears are suddenly craving for tunes more on the chill , mellow and (yeah I’ll say it) romantic side. Cheesy? Yes. Climatically appropriate? Kind of.

Check out some of the at ease grooves that I’m currently vibing to (in case you missed it).

The RAah Project – All of Your Things

[audio:|titles=All Of Your Things]

Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie, better known as The RAah Project are collaborators from Melbourne, Australia who are great at innovatively fusing the sounds of jazz and classical with that of hip hop and electronica. Their 2009 album, The Score is a beautiful downtempo experiment which was recorded with a 40 piece ensemble and features the standout single  “All of Your Things”. The cinematic string arrangements;  the light ‘doo-wop’ style background vocals; and the uncontrived rap breakdown – makes this a song that without a doubt should be added to your music collection like right now.

Wye Oak –  Civilian


The mellow combination of pop, rock and folk has the tendency to bore the shit out of me which is why I hardly ever listen to it. But there’s something easily likeable about the sounds from Baltimore’s Wye Oak. It could be the subtle but strong vocals/melodies from lead singer Jenn Wasner or maybe its the fascinating chords coming from Andy Stack. Not quite sure what it is, but their song “Civilian”, which quietly sneaked onto the net a few months ago, is a beautiful song  – even if these combined genre’s aren’t usually your cup of tea.

Jono McCleery –  Tomorrow

[audio:|titles=Tomorrow – Jono McCleery]

Ninja Tune’s British newbie Jono McCleery has a voice that is unexpected and unusually timeless. Which probably explains why Gil Scott Heron is such a huge fan. Jono is obviously influenced by greats such as Bill Withers, Jeff Buckley and John Coltrane – but somehow he still manages to bring a satisfying newness to his music. Ninja Tunes states that his album will be dropping ‘soon’.

Esthero – I Love You

[audio:|titles=I Love You (Non-Album Track)]

OK, so it’s no secret that I don’t really  need a certain weather climate to put  me in the mood for Esthero. But this B Side sleeper to “O.G Bitch” slipped between many cracks – and with no official word as to when her next album will be dropping – it’s nice to be able to still turn to this song for a little ease until that times comes.

Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg Mix)

[audio:|titles=Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg)]

Sydney, Australia’s brother and sister duo, Angus and Julia Stone have been collaborating on music since 2006, although I didn’t catch on until last year when they dropped  the sober-ish track, “Big Jet Plane”. However, they had pretty much fallen off my radar until this past March when an 18 year old DJ/Producer from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, named Michael Brun, gave the song a hella awesome electro ‘bootleg’ make-over.