FASHION: H&M Summer 2011 Lookbook

Yay summer is finally, well almost finally, here. But to get you in the spirit now, the Swedish brand H&M has released their 2011 Summer lookbook.

Slowly and cautiously I’m getting back into H&M’s clothing. After becoming an instant super-fan 6+ years ago, I decided to take a break due to what I felt was a decreasing quality of the material. And let’s face it, when living in a large city and shopping at places like this, you run the risk of colliding with way too many other chicas rockin’ your same threads. Which is why I have been a little more interested in their pricier special collections made by Lanvin and Jimmy Choo.

However, for fashionistas on a budget (don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much one of these as well) I see nothing wrong with this season’s lineΒ  -which includes many staple pieces that will surely brighten up your summer wardrobe. Check em out below.