Album Review: Ishe and Hezekiah Project


It’s always dope when two talented people come together to bless the masses with good music. And that’s exactly what Philly native Hezekaih and west coast songstress Ishe have decided to do on their new project the “Ishe and Hezekiah Project” which drops June 1st. The projects sets off with “So Official” which is a nice laid back jawn that at first listen has Ishe’s voice reminding me of Tweet when she first dropped. “Stand Guard” is Ishe’s proclamation to stand guard over her relationship, “girl you know you see this line/don’t cross it/he’s already spoken for/you may be fine/but he ain’t paying you no mind when you walk by” and the beat fits Ishe’s vocals perfect. “Dope Game” has Ishe pouring out her heart about how she’s “in love with a man she cannot help/ cause for some reason he refuses to help himself” over a reggae flavor beat. “Paradice” and “Hold On” are both dope and “Stay” ends the album with me wanting to hear more from these two but my favorite song on the album is “Pressure” with Range Da Messanga. Both of their voices mesh perfectly to create that duet magic that R&B USED to have but has been missing from the game for a minute. Word has it that these two were suppose to just drop an EP together at first but they decided to make it a full length…let’s all be thankful they decided to not short change us cause Ishe and Hezekiah got some ish for us.
3.5 outta 5