VIDEO: Kimbra – Cameo Lover

You know, we’re always excited to hear new Kimbra music. The New-Zealand/Australian singer got a lot of buzz when we posted her track “Settle Down,” last year. (Seriously, the Internets were goin’ nuts as Paul Wall would say). But it’s been a minute since we heard anything from Down Under regarding her. Well, thankfully a video for the song Cameo Lover dropped on those very same Internets this week. This track is from her forthcoming album which drops in Australia this year and hopefully The States soon (we can only hope).

[youtube elyk9MBY72U nolink]

Truth be told, I actually can’t stand this song. It’s like they tried to merge two songs into one. The verse is more electronic sounding, and the retro chorus just don’t go well together and I really hope this is not the direction that her project is taking. Especially, when there are amazing tracks like “Plain Gold Ring” and the aforementioned “Settle Down,” which are far better. (via The Maroon Cafe)

[vimeo 14841035]