REMIXED: Belleruche – Fuzz Face (Pollyn Remix)

I have no clue as to why I’ve never blogged about the music from LA’s innovative electro trio, Pollyn. Their live shows – where they incorporate a full blown orchestrated band – are simply amazing and I’m really hoping that this will be a breakout year for them. Anyway, when I heard that they remixed Belleruche’s “Fuzz Face” (which was digitally released alongside their latest single, “3 Amp Fuse”) I was immediately interested. The track which is off Belleruche’s latest album, 270 Stories, originally had an awesome edgy/energetic tempo to it; whereas Pollyn flipped it and gave it that dope ‘turntable-soul’ style vibe which Belleruche is known and loved for. Peep.

Fuzz Face (Pollyn Remix) by Tru Thoughts