NEW MUSIC: Incubus – Adolescents

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Adolescents by incubus

Is 2011 the year of the rock music comeback?

You know, real rock music with real freakin guitars? Not this emo indie whatever ish? So far, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, TV On The Radio, and now Incubus are releasing this year, going back to the sounds that made them famous in the first place. Brandon Boyd keep the markings of the same sound that made them famous. But as I’ve asked before, will the public–fed these days on hip-hop and pop–respond like they did back in the day? Hmm… (via The Maroon Cafe)

  • YuYme

    I think the public will respond if the music is innovative and hot. But if you’re trying to feed us the same ish we ate 5+ years ago, for the most part, people are just going to spit it right out. I use to be a SUPER-HUGE Incubus fan and was quite disappointed in this song. I don’t think it sucks totally and I get how they wanted to stick to the script… but there’s gotta be some sort of new innovation fused into the original sound. Especially in this day and age. And that didn’t happen.I feel like this could have come out years ago… post ‘Morning View’ and ‘Make Yourself’, when their sound overall started to bore me. I will NOT be adding this to the ipod. :-(

  • LondonD

    I agree with YuYme. I’m also a HUGE Incubus fan, but this track doesn’t catch me. Production wise it’s fine with me. The reason I can’t endorse this track is because lyrically it’s terrible.

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