NEW MUSIC: DJ Sega – Angry Birdz Theme (Remix)

DJ SegaThe Angry Birdz Theme

Let’s get this straight. I’m frustrated with Angry Birds. I think I got up to level 12 on my iPod Touch and simply gave up. I have to respect the success of the game however, which has suddenly became a pop culture icon overnight.

And remixing pop culture is what Philly’s DJ Sega is known for. The dude has touched everything from Family Guy to the Philadelphia Action News theme with his unique take on the B-More sound. What I love about Sega is how he takes certain elements of the sound and deconstructs it, yet making it fully recognizable. It’s a gift, and I’m glad to see that the dude is still keeping his “Philly Club King” status alive.

Oh, and if you don’t know who the Angry Birds are, then this is a good reference:

[youtube 1Bk_nqUQ0fc nolink]