NEW MUSIC: Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones, and Jack White – Rome

Danger Mouse can do no wrong.

The dude has done everything from hip-hop to indie rock. He’s flipped the Beatles, created new sub-genres, and made millions of dollars by being in his own lane. You must respect the dude.

Other than the last Broken Bells project, everything that Danger has touched has been Gold (remember Dangerdoom????). So my ears were perked when I found out that he was working on a new Spaghetti Western-themed project with Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones, and Jack White titled Rome. I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of this project for months, but I’m glad that the final product is ready for mass consumption, and today two tracks have already leaked–“Two Against One” with Jack White and “Black” feat Norah Jones. The Jack White track is a tad better than my future wifey Norah’s, but again the combination of classic cinematic elements, blues, country and soul is looking to be a winner. Check it. (via I Heard It On)

[youtube 8UibsjY5K-c nolink]

[youtube l3yAx2uCoHs nolink]