NEW MUSIC: Bluebrain – The National Mall, Location-Aware Album

We live in a beautiful time.

Let’s put aside whether the Internet and technology is killing music. Let’s debate that another time.

However, let’s talk about how new technology has made music more acessible, and has allowed artists to extend their creativity beyond the confines of a typical CD.

Take Washington, DC’s Bluebrain. The thing about this DC duo is that they try to take their music outside of the typical confines and out into the open. They already recieved rave reviews on this site for their soundtrack to the Smithsonian’s Sant Ocean Hall, and they’re recieving national and international praise for their latest work, The National Mall.

The National Mall is more than just an album. It’s a location-aware experience. The project is available only as an iPhone download, and different tracks of the project play based on where you are on the mall using the phones GPS as you walk through the Mall. There are literally hundreds of zones in which are “tagged” on the mall, and the instrumentation various by your walking path, so there are literally thousands of different song arrangements and combinations.

And while you do have to be in DC to experience the album, the duo is planning seperate projects for Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

The app drops this month. Check their website for more details.