MIXTAPE: Spree Wilson – The Never Ending Now

Download: Spree WIlson – The Never Ending Now

No Use In Running by spreewilson

Our ears have been on Atlanta’s Spree Wilson for a minute now, and I’m glad to see that he dropped one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard this year. The MC mixes organic indie rock with soul and hip-hop in a way that hasn’t been seen in a minute. The result is something this is organic and fresh at the same time. Yes, I used the term organic a lot, but it’s true for this project. Its rooted in that Southern Georgia soul that has become popular of late, but unlike some projects it dosen’t sound retro. The more guitar focused tracks on this mixtape, and the pop melodies outshine the more hip-hop side of the MC and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I see lots of crossover potential in Spree, and again I’m glad to see artists fall outside of the typical hip-hop paradigm.