LIVE: Quadron, the W Hotel, SXSW

In an intimate, invite-only gathering held at the W Hotel, Quadron hits the stage for the first time in Texas during the SXSW Festival held this year in Austin, TX.  Persons arguing with security and the guest check in just to watch the electronic soul, Denmark band lace onlookers with good music and an afternoon to remember. With the sun high and a tender cool breeze that took over the rooftop, the band begins. Coco, as humble and adorable as she is, may have one of the most beautiful voices in her genre.  Her warm personality radiates through each song and is adorned by the production, keys, and drums of her fellow  bandmates.  Despite the technical hiccups, this mini outdoor concert may have been one of the few highlights this year and was very well received (not to mention the awesome hand massages they were giving for free by the hotel staff).  Make sure to look out for Quadron if you haven’t already.  Something tells me they are about to take the United States by storm, if they haven’t already.