“You see what happens, this is what happens” or rather what happened when Couch Sessions caught up with Opio after Paid Dues.

In my opinion Souls of Mischief/Hiero are pioneers in the indie movement, successfully and continuously putting out music and merchandise. What advice do you have to give up and coming artist?

I’ve been saying this for a long time. I always felt originality is what got us to where we are. Just being different from what everybody else did that’s really where we got most of our success at. It’s a lot of things people tell you, have a good manager, this that and the third. But just for the artist out there, working at their craft while people are trying to tell you sound like this person or do something like that. Don’t listen to nothing nobody says. Do what you feel in your heart is what you wanna do, do that. That style that you’ve created stick with it. That’s the thing the game is changing now, all the copycats it’s over for that. It’s time now for the original cats, the cats that’s bringing new ideas, new styles, this is their era. Be original and you’ll win.

Vulture’s Wisdom Volume 2, what can we expect from the album? Is Architect on the production again?

Yeah definitely he did the production on the 1st record. Big shout out to my brother Architect, incredible producer worked on a lot of early Stones Throw stuff. The way he thinks about beats is the way I think about rhymes. He isn’t trying to make beats that sounds like someone else’s style of beat. He likes to try different stuff out in the studio. We were just vibin real hard when we worked on the project. It’s for everybody out there that’s into that cutting edge hip hop, people exploring getting deeper into the art form and the craft. Working on new vocabulary words, new styles, stuff that you just don’t hear every day. That’s what we trying to do when we get into that chamber of what we working on. We made it specifically not for the dude that don’t care about hip hop. It’s for the people that really care and think like oh that dude sounds like that person or that rhyme he said was wack because somebody else used that same line. All of the intricacies I have in conversation with my homies. That’s what we built the record off of. You know just trying to get deep deep into the craft, work on the beats, the rhymes and make sure this is A1 uncut dope, ya know.

How do you balance your solo projects, and being part of Hiero and Souls of Mischief? Is there ever any conflict?

Sometimes there’s conflicts just with scheduling but we work so closely together. They always got my support and I always got theirs. You know its love. We brothers first and foremost, its family first. We’ve been successful just because we’ve been dedicated in showing that brotherhood. I think a lot of people admire that we been down with each other for so long and we haven’t broke up. You don’t hear no drama about us, no I don’t like that dude, We grown men. Even when we were younger, we’d be on the road fightin, cussin, punching each other in the face that’s just what you do with your brothers. It’s not nothing I’m gonna get on the internet and blog about how my homie punched me in the face and I don’t like him no more. These are things that happen, it is what it is. When you get closer with people the deeper the fights are going to get, but if you have love and mutual respect you can get through anything.

As far r as the creative element, working with them they always raise my game. Hiero, Souls of Mischief, they got my back and visa versa. Everything happens organically we don’t try to force it. It’s just been working for us. The universe has just blessed us always unfolding in the proper way. We’ve just been really lucky and fortunate.

Who are you listening to now or checking for at the festival? Any new artist?

There’s a lot of cats. I’m diggin Odd Future. I wanna check out Lil B. I like the Black Hippy, Dom Kennedy the list goes on. I really feel like the younger generation is bringing Hip Hop to where it should be, back to originality, the creativity, exploring new realms that other people aren’t doing. I feel that’s what makes Hip Hop relevant. The most important part of being a true artist in Hip Hop is to do something new and different that no one else is doing. It’s happening right in front of my face and I’m just so happy, I can do a little church dance.

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