GEAR: The Bicycle 6 Pack Holder

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Since a majority of our readers live in urban areas, then they most certainly are aware of the fact that the bicycle is one of the best means of transportation in dense environments. (Well, maybe not Manhattan, those drivers will kill you). Even though the bike can get you there faster than most transportation options, however, it’s not the most practical tool if you need to move more than your body.

Thankfully, there are small innovations like this 6 Pack Frame Cinch. Originally designed to hold bike mallot, someone realized that it also has a great use for beer 6 packs. The leather holder ($22) is available from Etsy. (via Uncrate)

  • Ben

    cold beer, hot/humid day, two strong bumps and those poor, helpless, refreshing beers will tear free from their cheap paper holder and fall to their doom.

    Bottom support is the only way to go on this one.