EP Spotlight: Mark de Clive-Lowe – Leaving This Planet EP

Mark de Clive-Lowe has provided us with yet another tantalizing teaser of an EP:  Leaving This Planet.  At first listen, it felt like I had heard this type of sound before.  When I begin to feel that way, I always make myself give a more thorough listening…about three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten more times before making a final decision about how I truly feel.

Maybe it only sounds like I’ve heard this before because, for instance, on the “Koko and Lee Roe” joint, I get that “Heartbreak Hotel” vibe a la The Jackson, and then the funk vibes and harmony remind me of Roy Ayers and Ubiquity as the group of singers invites us to “get on down with the music now, get on down to what you’re doin’ now.”  This is not a complaint, just an observation.  There’s also a lot of really cool late 70s/early 80s-style synth keyboarding going on that I liken to really quick footwork.

Mark de Clive-Lowe is a true master of the future-funk sound (and let’s keep in mind that the future in NOW).  I love the fact that he can make anything, and it sounds great.  Whether it’s a club banger or a sexy lounge burner or straight broken beat, he does it well.  That being said…I’m growing weary of the EPs!!!  Gimme da phukin’ full length, man!!!  Oh wait…I heard it’s coming real soon and will be called Renegades.  Mmmm hmmm.  I’ll believe it when I HEAR it. J