ARTIST 2 PEEP: Steven A. Clark

So like out of nowhere it seems as though R&B is suddenly beginning to re-emerge from the drab little cave its been hiding in for the past couple of years. And it appears to be two particular styles of this genre that has bloggers, industry pro’s and music heads going bananas right now. You have your crop of talented white soul-crooners like James Blake and Jamie Woon and then you have  cats like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean who are creating that nu-style ‘Drake-like R&B’ music.

An while I really have no problem with any of these guys, in fact I like a song or two from all of them, I do feel that these sounds and styles can only go so far  – with the possibility of it becoming a little ‘oversaturated’ – which can eventually force it to play out. (Sidenote: R&B chica’s, where are you? It’s time for you to get some of this shine as well. Bring it out!)

However, there are some other R&B newbies out there who are quietly killing it but  for the most part seem to be getting overlooked. Guys who are just as creatively innovative but at the same time are kind of keeping the format a little more traditional. Which is why, I want to shine the Couch-Light on one of my favorite new artists. He’s a talented producer/singer/songwriter  from Fayetteville, NC (currently residing in Miami) by the name of Steven A. Clark and last month he released a very note-worthy EP called Stripes.

Steven is bringing what made me like R&B from the jump.  Heart-melting melodies, passionate/poignant lyrics and a sexy-confident sophistication that seems to be missing these days.  Take a listen to two of my favorite tracks below and then head over to his  Bandcamp page and download his debut for FREE. This guy is definitely one to watch.

SONGS 2 PEEP: “Superhero”, “Where’s Steven”,



[audio:|titles=Where’s Steven]

“Where’s Steven”