VIDEO: The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness

When most artists come back after a long break, I get concerned about if they still “have it.” Most artists just aren’t able to adapt to the times and even their freshest material sounds dated. Take Dr. Dre.

The same could be said for The Strokes as well. The New York City band has launched a rather fierce comeback attempt, with a free live show at SXSW and a headlinign spot at the much higher profile Sweetlife Festival in DC. But in an era where nobody plays guitars and kids want to grow up to be DJs instead of rock stars, the band keeps its sound almost eerily similar to the one they pioneered almost 10 years ago.

Having that said, you can tell they’ve glammed up a little. But with rock music dying (RIP Guitar Hero!) will The Strokes be able to make a decent comeback? I wonder.

[youtube _l09H-3zzgA nolink]