SXSW Artist Preview: David Dallas

Most of you guys know that I’m huge on New Zealand music, and in addition, we’re huge fans of rapper David Dallas. It’s been a good year for the dude, as he just moved to Harlem and signed a deal with the iconic hip-hop label Duck Down Records. I’ve personally been a fan of David’s production and the new track Till Tomorrow is definitely some of the most creative hip-hop to drop this year, both sonically and visually.  Whether David’s success in his home country can translate to his success in The States remains to be seen but I’m glad to see that he’s paving his own lane amoungst the multitude of hip-hop personalities.

[youtube NOOazd69mIk nolink]

Check his latest video for “Till Tomorrow,” and if you’re at SXSW check him out at the New Zealand showcase in Brush Square Park next Wednesday at 5 with another Couch Sessions New Zealand favorite, The Naked and Famous.