NEW MUSIC: MonicaBlaire

Photos by gravity508. Please support.

There are singers in the world that have a talent to convey emotion and transport you to other worlds, other moments in time. Singers that evoke spirits simply because spirit was coming and meant to be in the building; those singers are blessings. MonicaBlaire sparked a fire at Ben’s Next Door on the illustrious U Street corridor. She most certainly was a blessing to my ears! An amazing performance, an interactive journey from, with and in the soul of this woman; she “keeps it wild” and she will tell you that but it is quite evident in her stage show. It starts and ends with high energy. Clear strong vocals that not only express melody but she can spit rhymes as well. Honestly it was hard to sit and watch her show because she just made this writer want to dance!

Ben’s Next Door provided the right amount of intimacy for the singing powerhouse. Her voice carried through the crowded restaurant commanding everyone’s attention.  Donning her Fat Tuesday gold, green and purple hair, and dazzling red coined scarf, MonicaBlaire definitely had all eyes and ears on her captivated. The Detroit fly girl is making a name for herself with guest appearances on tracks from B.o.B (Atlanta’s own), Waajeed and Zo! (also Detroit natives).  She has also re-made Madonna’s “Material Girl” with a full on orchestra and butterfly wings.

Thankful to the brothers of Can a Sister Rock A Mic and Ben’s Next Door for bringing such a gem to DC especially on International Women’s Day. Ms. Blaire is a serious entertainer. If you have never seen her she is no doubt intoxicating and fortunately for you June 19th she will be back in town and you can catch her then.

Monica Blaire: CASRAM: Take 3 from BensBigBlog on Vimeo.