Lupe Fiasco feat. Kenna – What U Want

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Lupe Fiasco feat. Kenna – What U Want

We all know that during just one album release there might be 15, 20, or even 100 songs that hit the cutting room floor. And with all the drama surrounding Lupe’s latest album Lazers, I’m not surprised. Much will be debated on the success of the album (Lupe’s only number one) and if his giving in to label’s demands helped or hurt his career in the long run. Anyway, he’s paired with another Couch Sessions favorite Kenna on this track What U Want. It’s stellar. Check it. (via SoulCulture)

  • Superbizzee

    Good to hear Kenna again. This dude just cannot seem to catch a break. So much so that Malcolm Gladwell devoted an entire chapter of Blink to this strange phenomenon.

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