LIVE: Toro Y Moi, Klub Krucial, SXSW

Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi is a genius.

You know why? When the blogs and media tried to put him into a box, and create a new genre for him—the laughably titled “chillwave,” Budnik flipped the script, dropping another classic album in less than a year’s time. The media hasn’t created a genre for his follow up album, Underneath the Pine, but I’m sure there are brainstorming sessions in the works to figure it out.

Toro most certainly has buzz, as evidenced by the block long line that existed before the show. His left-field not for everyone vibe has been buzzed about on blogs like Pitchfork and magazines like Rolling Stone. But what should one be in for at a Toro Y Moi show?

Sure, Chaz is an understated glasses wearing beta male from South Carolina, but he’s hands down one of the most creative minds I’ve heard this year. From a writing and arranging standpoint he can’t be beat. Fronting a live band, Toro’s last album seemed to be an afterthought. The 60’s psychedelia vibe of Underneath the Pine and the upbeat and danceable nature of the album makes it way more acessible than the previous effort. The combination of hipsters, music industry insiders and University of Texas students went in as Toro’s music came to life in the cramped dive club, with the guitars rocking harder than most people would think. Toro blew through his album at a rather breakneck pace, leading the over capacity crowd through a sonic journey.

Is Toro Y Moi your cup of tea? Depends on how you drink your tea, honestly. But for those who are willing to buy in the revamped lineup is certainly a must see.

Toro at another SXSW showcase last week:

[youtube uvbF2MfI7DE nolink]