LIVE: The Adrian Younge Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra at Scoot Inn, SXSW

Photos of  The Adrian Younge Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra by @Gravity508. Please support.

Scoot Inn has the designation of not only being the furthest SXSW venue from the downtown core, but also ” oldest continuously running beer joint in central Texas.” Who knew?

It’s not my favorite spot in Austin, however, it’s home to some of the best music events during the festival, and on Wednesday night, those who made the long trek to the “East Side” were in for a treat as Adrian Younge’s Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra headlined the WaxPoetics showcase.

I’m sorry, but it’s sad that there aren’t any soul orchestras anymore. The early 70s were ripe. Issac Hayes, Barry White and Curtis Mayfield ruled, providing scores for movies and lovers alike. But alas, the times changed. Music programs in school were cut, and the birth of hip-hop meant that these bands were sampled and instead of created.

Adrian Younge brings that soul and flavor of the 70s back. The soul orchestra, created for the amazing film Black Dynamite (if you haven’t seen this movie, stop reading right now and GO) can’t even be described in mere words. Younge proves to be a master of every instrument on stage, making sure that his harness stays on as he picks everything from the keys to the horns. But the icing on the cake were the addition of musicians on the stage. The band were joined by none other than Chico Mann and the iconic Dennis Coffey for sets, making the whole experience rather epic.

By the end of the night, the band tore through most of the Black Dynamite soundtrack, including the trademark “Chicago Wind.” However, the sheer size and scope of the band reminds us why these types of acts are rare in 2011. They only played one show at SXSW, and it seems like it’s a struggle for the group to get gigs on the East Coast. So, to be honest, this might be one of the few times people will seem them this year. At least I’ll have my memories.

Adrian Younge and the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra – “Life of a Hustler” (SXSW 2010)

[youtube N-bPYKW3aXg nolink]

Adrian Younge and the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra – Chicago Wind

[youtube b3Nn232M_PQ nolink]