LIVE: Quotes from the MTVu Woodies Awards Red Carpet, SXSW


I’ve done several awards show red carpets in my time. Not as many as most journalists, but probably more than the average American. There is an orderly disorder that goes down at these events, and its less glamorous than you think. However, the MTVu Woodie Awards red carpet had to be the most laid back and dare I say fun experiences I’ve had. Ever.

The annual awards show moved to Austin Texas this year during the SXSW Music Festival, yet thankfully MTV was able to combine the glitz and glamour of an awards show with the independent spirit of the festival. The Woodies have always been more about the underdog, and many of the artists featured–say Yelawolf–were still roaming 6th street at SXSW last year rather than the red carpet. And like most carpets, artists took their time to speak to almost everyone, from bands who are trying to break, to radio stars like Wiz Khalifah and the Foo Fighters.

On the carpet, I was able to pull some quotes from some of my favorites in the music game right now.

[Ed Note: I’m working to get official photos at this moment. I know these ads are annoying.]

Wiz Khalifa on the Taylor Gang Phenomenon….

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“I wanted to give people something to be involved in. Being an artist, I wanted to have my fans be able to connect with me, and that’s the purpose of Taylor Gang. We’re all on the same level. I think for artists to do well now [in this music environment] they are going to have to be more in touch with everything. To break the barrier between indie and major label takes a work ethic. Artists are going to have to work hard and present [their vision] to the label in such a way that they’re excited and they want to put it out. But at the end of the day if you get your fans excited then you can’t lose.”

Lil B on being nominated for a Left Field Woodie Award…

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“I’m very humble and happy to spread this energy and spreading this love. I’m unsigned and independent, and it feels good to be appreciated [by MTV]. It’s the year of the Rebel baby!”

Yelawolf on raising the profile of his home state of Alabama in the rap game…

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“Alabama has always had a foot in the rap game. [The state] as a whole has always been super hungry man. We create great artists, but a lot of artists who are from Alabama don’t claim Alabama once they leave. I might be the first artist on this level to actually wear it like I do, but I can’t discredit the artist who have come out of Alabama, all the way back to Mr. Big, Dirty Boyz, Rich Boy, Slow Motion Sounds, Birmingham J, Jackie Chain. They’ve been putting out music for years now. I have an opportunity to open up a door, and I’m taking full advantage of it.”

Theophilous London on the evolution of his career…

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“To walk ouf of my house and go around my corner and I’m on a billboard? I haven’t gotten over it yet. I haven’t even told my mom about it yet. My song debuted at number 20 on the pop charts, and I have to deal with these crazy label robots. I’m working on this [new album] in my kitchen man. I’m working with producers and artists that I like and not someone that’s gonna give me a stupid ass cheesy hit.”

The Cataracts on their 808 sound…

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“I gotta credit the Bay and Lil B. He was a member of the Pack and that Vans song inspired us. You know that bass sound originated in the Bay, and we’re from the Bay. So when we moved to LA we just brought that bass sound down south.”

On actually owning a G6…

“I was raised by hippie environmentalists. I would never have a G6 and the only way I’m riding in a G6 if I’m invited cause I’m too enviornmental for that. We’re gonna have the first Hybrid G6. It’s gonna run on McDonald’s french fries.”