LIVE: Janelle Monae, Killers Lasers Papers, SXSW

Download: Janelle Monae, Killers Lasers Papers Showcase, SXSW

Even though the Killers Lasers Papers showcase lacked Killers and Lazers (Lupe and Cee-Lo cancelled) and the Papers was kinda dry, Janelle Monae came through at the last minute did what she does best. Robots Papers?

Even when Janelle is called in at the last minute, she dosen’t half ass anything. She showed up complete with live band complete with horn sections and…grim reapers? Again, if Ms. Monae comes to your town (as she will with Bruno Mars), please go. It’s not a show, it’s an experience. Much thanks again to the fabulous blog All The Way Live for the find.

[youtube TzQId-Bw_es nolink]