INTERVIEW: Closed Sessions ATX Creator DJ RTC

Last year at SXSW, I heard rumors of a recording studio in a mansion, somewhere in the city of Austin. At first I didn’t believe it, but at you can’t not believe anything you hear at SXSW honestly. Of course it was true, and artists from J Cole to Paul Wall were in attendence for the Austin edition of the Closed Sessions.

The motive of the Chicago-based record label is rather simple. Create a space for artists to vibe, collect, and create, far away from the usual trappings of hip-hop. The approach is more organic than anything the genre has seen in a minute, the Austin version of the series upped the ante bringing artists such as Buff-1, Aleon Craft, and DJ Babu.

While we were in Austin last week we got the opportunity to chop it up with DJ RTC, the Chicago-based creator of Closed Sessions DJ RTC just before the release of the ATX album. Enjoy, and cop the Closed Sessions online or at retail.

[youtube _x2aUaJ75M0 nolink]