IN THE MIX: Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes, SXSW

Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes by Strut

In the soul community, Dennis Coffey is a legend. The motor city guitarist was the memeer of the venerable Funk Brothers band, who as you know played in the background to some of the most legendary artists of our time during the Motown era. His trademark hard guitar sound also led to a solo success in 1971, when his track Scorpio became a million seller, and also the basis for such hip-hop tracks as LL Cool J’s “Jinglin’ Baby” and Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads.”

Another Detroit legend, House Shoes, was crafted to blend together some of the best aspects of Coffey’s career, in a mix called Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey. check it. In addition, Strut is releasing his latest self-titled album this year.

Also, if you’re headed to SXSW make sure to check out Dennis Coffey at these shows:

Dennis Coffey At SXSW 2011
Weds. 3/16: Dennis Coffey (Guest Appearance w/ Adrian Younge) – Wax Poetics Showcase @ Scoot Inn 1308 East 4th Street – 1:00 AM
w/ Chico Mann, Kendra Morris, Echocentrics
Sat. 3/19: Dennis Coffey @ Hotel San Jose 1316 South Congress Avenue – 6:30 PM
w/ Black Angels, Black Joe Lewis (Dennis guesting), The Relatives (Dennis guesting)
Sat. 3/19: Dennis Coffey @ Beauty Bar: Palm Door 401 Sabine St. 12:00 AM
w/ Brownout, T. Bird & The Breaks, Diplomats of Solid Sound