ARTIST 2 PEEP: Another

There is no denying that indie is the new major. Bedrooms and basements are the new  ‘it’ studios and thanks to the world-wide-web, artists are able to get their freshly recorded tunes into the headphones of music hungry bloggers like myself in a matter of micro-minutes.

Currently my ear is on a musician/producer out of Chicago going by the name of Another (aka Douglas McGillivray),who just released some new tunes via his Soundcloud page a few days ago. His sound is a chill blend of ‘heavy-electronic beach music’ and although lowered vocals and lo-fi bass-beats are becoming somewhat of an indie norm, there is still something rather unique and intriguing about Another’s music. I’m digging it – peep it out below.

Same To You by Anothermusic

Gold Glow by Anothermusic