Album Review: Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) – Stalley


Nowadays not too many new MC’s can really get my attention. Not for nuthin, but coming up in my era you HAD to be nice to even get noticed. My man Sha put it best, when he said, back in the day (you know that you’re old when you start off a sentence with “back in the day”) first, you had to be the nicest MC in your house (if you had siblings), then the nicest mc on your block and then and only then could you really call yourself a MC. Nowadays, if you get a co-sign from someone who’s on, you can get a deal. So these XXL freshmen class issues don’t even phase me, it’s a waste of killing trees if you ask me.

While Ski was promoting his “24 Hour Karate School” I peeped this ill video for this MC named Stalley. Maybe it was the “Philly beard” that caught my attention, but this dude was nice. Not to mention the concept of the video was dope too. After doing the knowledge on Stalley, I find out that money’s actually from Ohio and that he’s down with Dame Dash’s Bluerocc records. Then I came across another banger called “Harsh Ave” with him and Ski collaborating again that was ill. Let me find out there’s actually a new MC that I’m checking for! Which is why when I found out Stalley had a new mixtape dropping called “Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)” I was actually hype to check it out.

“LWN” plays like an extended version of LL’s “Booming System” and sets off with “See the Milq In My Chevy” and this jawn goes HARD! “Slapp” uses the Dexter Wansel break, that Kid n Play made famous with “Last Night” and this song STAYS on repeat in the whip! “330” is an ode to Stalley’s hometown state of Ohio while “Hercules” bangs with no problems at all. “The Night” uses an ill Q Tip vocal sample that fits the song perfectly and leads right into “Pound” that freaks the same melody of Tribe’s “Midnight.” “She Hates the Bass” is about Stalley’s love for waking up his neighbors and his “trunk shaking like dice out in Vegas” but how his shorty hates it and wants to “take a cab for this date.” “Assassin” with John Mayer has an ill mellow “One Love” kalimba feel to it and “Go On” is nothing but classic boom bap…no chaser. “Tell Montez I Love Her” is Stalley open letter to his moms and also to his sister whom he hasn’t spoken to in 3 years and “Lincoln Way Nights” ends “LWN” on a good note.

At the end of the day, “Lincoln Way Nights” is a solid release and gives the listener a dope introduction to Stalley. His man Rashad (another Ohio native) holds down the production duties for the entire project and matches Stalley’s style track for track and I can’t front, even though he’s not from Philly like I though he was, Stalley is still one of the few new mc’s that I’m checking for and truth be told, you should be checking for him too. My only request? Can we get some more Ski/Stalley collabos on the next project! Too bad XXL dropped the ball on putting Stalley on the cover, cause he’s one of the few cats who actually deserves it.

3.5 outta 5