Album Review: Jay Dee Pause Remix Suite


So the good folk over at Bama Love Soul just dropped a Dilla remix project called “The Jay Dee Pause Remix Suite” huh? Hmmm…remixing Dilla? In my humble opinion, certain producers shouldn’t be touched and Dilla just happens to be one of those producers. But before I throw the project under the bus, let me dig a little deeper first.

So the deal is we’ve got 12 producers on tap and all 12 of ’em remixed Dilla’s “Pause” from the BBE “Welcome to Detroit” album. The dope thing about the project is all 12 of the producers brought totally different vibes to this Dilla classic. You’ve got the cool out remixes like Salah Ananse, Aeon and Ishfaq’s while J-Finesse and Nodzilla’s remix are straight boom bap. While Lateef and I Ced’s and the other remixes are somewhere in the middle. But my favorite track is hands down Anthony Valdez’s remix. The elements of the track have traces of the “Jay Dee” side of Dilla’s brain (to me there were two different production styles between “Jay Dee” & “J Dilla) which helps to match the vocals to the beat the best out of all of the remixes.

Again, the producers who came through for this brought some serious heat for this project but at the end of the day, Dilla just doesn’t need to be touched because 99.9% of the time, you’re not going to out do the original. And if you’re not gonna make it doper then the original, then why do it? And on top of that, remixing the same song 13 times makes this seem more like a “who can flip this better” producer contest then an actually remix project to release. It’s always dope to see a project that’s dedicated to Dilla but a word to the wise, remixing Dilla isn’t the move.

The Jay Dee Pause Remix Suite by BamaLoveSoul