NEW MUSIC: Lyrics Born – Lies x 3 (Trackademicks Remix)

Lyrics Born – Lies x 3 (Trackademicks Remix)
[audio:|titles=Lies X 3 (Trackademicks Remix)]

There is an interesting conversation that is about to start on the Spree Wilson post. Should rappers stick to rap?

My answer? It depends. Some rappers only have one lane, and that’s in front of a mic. Others, like Andre 3000 have been able to broaden their horizons while maintain their street cred at the same time. And the new generation of kids coming out now (Cudi, B.O.B., etc) don’t even care.

Enter Lyrics Born. The Bay Area rapper (like most on the West Coast) have been influenced by several genres, and though best known as an MC, has branched out to postive results. This track Lies x 3 is perfect example of this. It’s a pure pop single, with a blazing arena-ready hook, yet an outerworldy beat that is both acessible and left-field. Our friend Trackademicks provides this remix, adding his trademark synth flair. Check it. (via Hypetrak)