(Mysterious) R&B DUO 2 PEEP: The Weeknd

I really have no idea who The Weeknd is (hence the unknown pic above).  His (or their) dark – electro – lo-fi R&B has been mystifying listeners in a good way for a few months now. But for some reason The Weeknd chooses to remain pretty much completely anonymous.

Here’s what I kind of know about them: They hail from Toronto, Canada and word is that the duo is comprised of  two guys; Abel Tesfaye (vocals) and  (Jeremy Rose) (production). That’s about all I know about them. And I’m not even quite sure them is a them. Them may actually be a him (huh?). Oh, and apparently Drake (who posted their music on his blog) is a big fan.

The Weeknd’s music is definitely intriguing. R&B has been stuck on stagnant for years now and it’s time for the ‘genre’ to get a little more innovative. I’m curious to hear and learn more about them, so if you have any info – hit me up with some deets. Peep the sounds below.